Greetings!  We are Kim and Marcel.  We are elders at the Stevensville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our purpose is to serve you as Jesus would.  Today more than every before, we want to extend His invitation to you: “If you’re exhausted and stressed out, come to me and I will give you rest.”  In a world where more and more people lie and manipulate to get their way as they fight over money and power, in a world where no one really cares about others because everyone is desperately watching out for themselves, who can you turn to for wisdom and genuine support?  For nearly 2,000 years the answer has been: Jesus and His followers.

It would be our pleasure to tell you about the difference Jesus has made in our lives, to show you how to study His Word, the Holy Bible, for yourself, and to lead you to Him who knows you better than anyone else, because He created you and redeemed you.  He wants you to be free to experience the success and satisfaction for which He gifted you!

None of us are perfect but we have discovered the principles of practical Christianity that make life worth living.  We are all at different stages in our journey towards God—a life-changing, transforming journey that we make one step at a time, each at our own pace.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, then please, stop by our church one of these Sabbaths and look for us—we’ll be happy to meet you and work with you!  Of if you want, call the church office and leave a message for us.  Maybe we could go out for coffee or meet you somewhere that would be more convenient for you?  It would be our pleasure.


Kim and Marcel Pichot